Inclusive Capitalism in Action: Lessons from the Cincinnati Region

27 Apr 2021

- 27 Apr 2021

As part of our rollout of the Framework for Inclusive Capitalism: A New Compact Among Business, Government, & American Workers, the Coalition partnered with the Workforce Innovation Center to bring together executives from some of the Cincinnati region’s most recognized companies to discuss how and why they are practicing tenets of inclusive capitalism in their business today and provide insights for all companies to consider adopting in their own organizations.

Participants included:

Tom Williams, CEO, North American Properties

Edwin Rigaud, Chairman and Owner, EnovaPremier, LLC

Michael Fisher, President and CEO, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Nerissa Morris, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Dan Meyer, President and CEO, Nehemiah Manufacturing

David Taylor, CEO, Chairman and President, Procter & Gamble

Damon Jones, Chief Communications Officer, Procter & Gamble

Rodney McMullen, Chairman and CEO, The Kroger Co.

Tim Massa, Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer, The Kroger Co.

Audrey Treasure, Executive Director, Workforce Innovation Center

Darrin Reedus, Executive Director, Minority Business Accelerator


Watch a recording of the event:

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