How Private and Public Sector Leaders Can Prioritize Equity and Opportunity in Economic Recovery

20 Oct 2021

- 20 Oct 2021

The work of building an equitable and inclusive economy requires decisive, thoughtful action by policymakers and business leaders alike, particularly as we work for an economic recovery that prioritizes workers’ wellbeing. On October 20, JUST Capital, together with the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, FSG, and PolicyLink, hosted a virtual fireside chat and panel discussion exploring the steps business and policy leaders can take toward building an equitable and inclusive economy.

The event explored how business can help lead a recovery that is more inclusive and sustainable, and how leaders can champion equity and offer meaningful opportunity for all workers. Participants discussed two bodies of work that have advanced these questions: the Coalition’s Framework for Inclusive Capitalism and PolicyLink’s CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity.

Speakers included:

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founder, Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism

Don Graves, Deputy Secretary of Commerce

Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder in Residence, PolicyLink

Damon Jones, CCO, P&G

Scott Ullem, CFO, Edwards Lifesciences


Watch the conversations:

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