Aligning Higher Education, Training, and Jobs for Inclusive Capitalism

15 Jun 2021

- 15 Jun 2021

ACE, the Markle Foundation, and the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism are co-hosting a virtual event for leaders, experts, and stakeholders across sectors to discuss how higher education and training can better address the needs of workers, employers, and communities. We invite you to register for this complimentary virtual event on June 15, 1:00-3:00 p.m. EDT, to weigh in on the conversation.

The event features two panel discussions focusing on new inclusive principles, policies, and practices to reverse declining worker opportunity, well-being, and economic gains. Panelists will discuss elements of the Framework for Inclusive Capitalism: A New Compact Among Business, Government & American Workers, which the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism released, with Ted Mitchell, Zoë Baird, and Eduardo Padrón. Higher education and skills training are foundational pillars.

Speakers and panelists Include:

Zoë Baird, CEO and President, Markle Foundation
Walter G. Bumphus, President and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges
Denise Forte, Interim CEO, The Education Trust
Mildred García, President, American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Ted Mitchell, President, American Council on Education
Mark Mitsui, President, Portland Community College
Eduardo J. Padrón, President Emeritus, Miami Dade College
Thomas E. Pfundstein, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Finishing Trades Institute
Jon Schnur, Chairman and CEO, American Achieves
Zakiya Smith Ellis, Chief Policy Advisor, State of New Jersey

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